University Pet Resort Doggy Day Care

Let's face it...there are never enough hours in the day. You are gone; your dog sits at home alone, bored, inactive, and sometimes destructive, awaiting your return. Puppies are very social animals, and this is a critical period for the development of your puppy’s personality. They need lots of attention, exercise, and positive exposure to other pets and people to become a well-behaved, good-tempered dog.

Doggy Day Care at University Pet Resort provides your dog all of these benefits, while also enabling your dog to get plenty of exercise and fun. Wouldn't it be great to come home at the end of the day to a tired, and very happy dog?

Take a look at our options:

The Villas

The Garden Apartments

The Courtyard

Bark Avenue

Free Day Care evaluation required ahead of time.

Please consider a tour of our facility to see why University Pet Resort is the best Doggy Day Care solution for your canine friend. If you are new to our facility, we have a NEW CLIENT DISCOUNT waiting for you! 

Puppy chewing on shoe at University Pet Resort in Merced, California